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A CNC machining specialist

The business
Spécialiste de l’usinage numérique

DBN specialises in machining precision mechanical parts using CNC machining centres and lathes.



The company

Founded in 1976 in Bayeux (Calvados, Normandy), DBN is a family company which continues to adapt to market trends.

40 years of experience, 30 employees, 3x8 shift teams - we have a varied and diverse client base in cutting-edge industries like medical.

The company

Our expertise

DBN is particularly skilled in medium series, repeat, adjusted and planned part orders with buffer stock management

We produce small and medium series parts (from 50 to 20,000 parts) using raw materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloys, plastics, etc.

Case studies

As a responsive and efficient company, we optimise our production using leading software (CAD/CAM, simulation, quotes, scheduling)


Steps of production

Our solutions

A comprehensive offer

In-house or with a partner: machining, EDM, grinding, surface treatment, heat treatment, painting, laser cutting, prototyping, unique parts

Our clients



Feel free to contact us about any machining projects.

Logo DBN

ZI rue d‘Audrieux
14400 BAYEUX